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Maximizing Installation Flexibility and Storage Capacity using ESFR Sprinklers
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Jun 10, 2020, 11:00 AM EDT

About the Event

Presented by: Manny Silva, Chief Engineer/Fellow, Johnson Controls

A major goal in developing fire protection products and protection schemes is to provide maximum flexibility for sprinkler system design, installation and maintenance.  This is particularly important in warehouse applications where an effective fire sprinkler system is one that can minimize construction and installation cost while maximizing the economic benefit for the warehouse operator. 

There has been significant progress in fire sprinkler capabilities since the 1990s. ESFR sprinklers can provide flexibility through ceiling-only storage protection.  Ceiling-only protection, as the term implies, means there are no automatic fire sprinklers in the storage racks and fire protection is provided solely by automatic fire sprinklers installed at the ceiling.  Ceiling-only protection schemes using ESFR automatic fire sprinklers now exist for ceiling heights up to 55 feet (16,8m) and 50 feet (15,2m) of storage with commodities as hazardous as cartoned non-expanded plastic.

This presentation will analyze two important factors: (1) the distance the automatic fire sprinkler is located below the ceiling and (2) the minimum aisle width – and demonstrate why these factors can allow for greater flexibility for installation and storage.

Learning Objectives: 

• Understand the challenges of warehouse fire protection. 

• Identify the different types of sprinklers used for storage applications and their limitations and benefits. 

• Understand how sprinkler installation position relative to the ceiling can impact installation cost and flexibility. 

• Understand how aisle width has a significant impact on the amount of commodity that can be stored in a warehouse and its economic impact. 

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